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Fundraising Ideas

A is For...


AbseilingAbseiling is an adrenaline-fueled event. Bravely descend where other fundraisers have gone before you!

Aerobic sessions – Organise a group activity such as an aerobics class. Charge each person a fee to join. Why not make this weekly or monthly and get fit raising money for TinyLife.

Afternoon events – Indulge yourself and those around you by organising an afternoon event, such as afternoon tea, coffee and cake or a bring and buy sale.

Art exhibition – Are you artistic or do you know someone from an art group or club? Why now orgsanise an art exhibition. You need to ensure you have insurance and factor in any hire charge. Commission is usually from 20-40% for each piece of work. This may also include the commission from the venue. The balance paid for any artwork is then payable to the artist.

B is For...


Bake off! – Whether at work or at home, why not make’n’bake and sell your creations for TinyLife?  Very popular with everyone.

Birthday – Donate your birthday! Set up your own JustGiving page and help TinyLife celebrate your birthday by using it to provide research and support for NI’s 6 premature babies born each day.

BBQ – Whatever the weather, why not try a barbeque. Plenty of inspiration online plus our free TinyLife bunting all make for the perfect backdrop. Perfect!

Bike it! – We have more cycle routes and greenways than ever. Why not get out on your bike for charity. Or get a gang together and collect fees each time you meet up.

Bingo – Clickety click – get your bingo head on and hope your numbers come up! Charge for tickets and ask for donations as prizes.

C is For...


Car boot sale -Donate your cash from a boot sale to TinyLife or organise your own boot or table sale. Enjoy the benefit decluttering items you no longer use while TinyLife benefits.

Collection buckets – Are a speedy way to raise money. We are registered with Fundraising Regulator Read our Guide and Get in Touch for TinyLife-branded buckets or cans.

D is For...


Dinner Date – Invite guests for a meal and ask for an upfront donation or leave an envelope on the table at the the end of the meal asking them to donate what they would have paid in a restaurant for the meal.

Dance, dance, danceInvite guests to a sponsored dance off, or organise your own Strictly.

E is For...


Eighties to nineties party nights – Create your own pleasuredome party night for 80’s-90’s music and disco the night away!

F is For...


Fashion on the catwalk – Showcase your own clothing with a swish fashion event. Great for recycling and raise money for charity. Alternatively, approach end of year design students at your local college or ask a friendly boutique if they will provide clothing.

Fancy wearing that day! – A sponsor me to wear this for a day event can take place on a trip to Tesco or even at work.  Ask your colleagues to decide ahead of time what you should wear – voting incurs a small fee.

G is For...


Games on boards – Host an evening of board games and challenges.  Extra fundraising from penalty fines for being late or talking about work!

Give it up! – Donate the money you save from giving up your habit to us!

Golf GiveEnjoy a round or two and get sponsored or organise a mini-tournament with your local club – try a one club challenge.

H is For...


Hiking – Select a challenging walk or simple stroll – doesn’t matter how long it is as long as you raise some sponsorship.

I is For...


International evening – Host a party inspired by your favourite holiday destination and theme your menu, dress code and music for something completely different.

Incubator Push – Very topical given the nature of TinyLife! Contact us for the incubator.

Indoor rowing – Start a rowing challenge as a team with friends, family and colleagues.

J is For...


Jumble sale – Declutter your home and wardrobe and raise money for research at the same time.

JustGiving page – Set up your own fundraising page and share it with friends and family to help increase donations quickly online. 

K is For...


Karaoke – A classic way to make an exhibition of yourself, have fun and raise vital funds for TinyLife!

L is For...


Lunch on the lawn Organise a picnic in your local park and charge a modest fee to join. Remember most public spaces won’t allow alcohol.

M is For...


Marathon man and woman  – Why not get sponsored  for your efforts and donate to us! Just let us know and we can supply you with a t-shirt if you’re running the marathon.

Makeover – Host a makeover party, swap ideas and create a new look for yourself.

N is For...


Netball fundraiser – Enter teams of colleagues at work or gather you friends and family to turn it your fundraiser into a tournament. Nets a great return!

O is For...


Office party – There’s plenty of ways to incorporate fundraising into an office event. Can involve food, silliest outfit etc. All sponsored of course. Start with an ideas meeting.

Olympics in a local way! – Host your own sports day – adults and children can become involved. Good old egg and spoon. What about setting up a possible record and maybe make the Guinness Records your goal.

P is For...


PREMVEMBER We celebrate Premvember throughout the month of November  –  join the fun & hold a tea/coffee party on our behalf.

Pancakes Tuesday and any other day! – Ask recipients – friends, family, work colleagues, to bring a donation and a topping of their choice. Then make as many pancakes as can be eaten.

Q is For...


Quiz night – At the local pub, church hall or at home. Collect group entry fees and find your quiz questions online.

R is For...


Rowing – challenge another rowing team to a rowing race.

Raffle – Ask for donated prizes and sell tickets to friends, family and colleagues alike.

S is For...


Skydive – Bravery for this one but very popular. Take the drop for charity!

T is For...


Talent on show – Gather friends, family and colleagues together for a talent show. Raise money through ticket sales.

Treasure hunt – Could also be part of an orienteering experience. Donated prizes and easy to make maps and clues. Entry fee for TinyLife.

U is For...


University challenge on a local stage -Invite students, friends and family to donate for tickets to the event.  Ask your local student union to see if they can help.

V is For...


Veg Out – Host a vegan or vegetarian meal or dinner party.

Variety is the spice of life! – A free venue for your variety show and different categories of talent. Audience could wear old style costumes.


W is For...


World Prematurity Day the 17th November every year, hold a party to celebrate.

Walk – Create a walking group – the more regular the better.

X is For...


X-Factor – A competition on a grander scale or merely a more relaxed night in watching X Factor with a sweepstake to raise money.


Y is For...


Yogathon – Run your own yoga class and ask your pupils to contribute a small fee for taking part?

Z is For...


Ziplining – Whether afraid of heights, or just in it for the exhilaration, get wired to face the wire! Get friends and family to sponsor you for the challenge. 

Zumbathon – Energetic and fancy a physical challenge that lots of people can take part in, this is a great way to raise sponsorship together.

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