The Premature Baby Charity for Northern Ireland

Our Impact

At TinyLife, we are dedicated to making a profound difference in the lives of families across Northern Ireland, specifically those affected by premature birth.

Our mission is clear: to raise awareness, provide essential support services, and advocate for better policies for babies born too soon, too small, and too sick.

The heart of our impact lies in our commitment to ensuring every penny raised goes towards helping those who need it the most.

Funding the Future: TinyLife is driven by the belief that every baby deserves a healthy start in life. To achieve this, we need to raise £1 million annually. This crucial funding allows us to continue delivering our vital emotional and practical support services throughout Northern Ireland. We take pride in being a local charity, which means that every donation and contribution directly benefits our local community.

Raising Awareness: We understand that knowledge is the first step to change. That’s why we dedicate ourselves to raising awareness of the impact of premature birth. Through effective media campaigns, we educate the public and work tirelessly to shatter the stigma surrounding premature birth. Our efforts are focused on making the invisible visible and advocating for those who often go unnoticed.

Supporting Families: TinyLife recognises that the journey of a premature birth is one filled with uncertainty and vulnerability. We stand by families during their most challenging times. Our comprehensive support services provide a lifeline to parents and babies, offering guidance, resources, and a network of people who understand the unique challenges they face.

Life at Home with your premature baby

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