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All new Dads need support Especially TinyLife Dads

33 Years on for TinyLife!

Welcome to TinyLife, (Formerly NIMBA) Northern Ireland’s premature and vulnerable baby charity. We are dedicated to reducing premature birth, illness, disability and death in the six babies born every day in Northern Ireland. We are committed to providing a range of support services that meet the growing needs of families of premature babies locally. Our work supports vital research to ensure every pregnancy has the best chance of a healthy outcome and a healthy baby.

Consultation on Flexible School Starting

23 Nov 2021

What’s Happening? School starting age in Northern Ireland currently depends on when a child’s 4th birthday falls. Children who turn 4 on or before 1st July start school at the beginning of September that same year. Children turning 4 on or after 2nd July start school the following year when they are 5 years old. […]

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Unicorn Family Fun Day

05 Aug 2021

Family Fun in the sun for TinyLife! A Saturday afternoon in July saw lots of fun in the sun as TinyLife hosted their first live fundraising event in over a year. Meeting outside at V36 Playpark in Newtownabbey, families came dressed as unicorns to meet real life unicorns Tully and Chip and also Tiny, the […]

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Flexible School Starting Age

19 Jul 2021

Inflexible and unjustified – the description of Northern Ireland’s legislation on the school starting age by a High Court Judge. He said ‘the system doesn’t allow the authorities to act in the best interests of every child. To read the full article, click here  We hope the ruling will put pressure on the Education Minister, […]

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Life at Home with your premature baby