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TinyGym is a specialist physiotherapy programme for premature babies – this programme is delivered in the Northern Health and Social Care Trust led by a Physiotherapist and Specialist Nurse Practitioner with the support of TinyLife Family Support Officers.  TinyGym sesisons are delivered in groups in local community venues in Antrim and Ballymena.  TinyGym is specifically for babies that are born at 32 weeks or sooner and of low birth weight and referrals to TinyGym are made by the Physiotherapist on the Neonatal Unit in Antrim.


Positive Minds for Premature Parents

Positive Minds for Premature Parents is a 5 year National Lottery Funded programme delivered in partnership with Aware & Parenting NI in the Northern and Southern Health and Social Care Trust areas.  The project focuses on improving the mental health of parents of premature babies by offering specialised support through the partner agencies.

79% of parents who have had a premature baby feel that their mental health was affected and many of these parents suffer from anxiety, post traumatic stress, OCD, depression. This project has been developed to help reduce the stigma of mental health difficulties and for parents to increase their awareness by providing information and support as well as helping parents and families to strengthen their resilience and reduce isolation by connecting with others who may be experiencing similar things in their wider community.

As well as the TinyLife support services (TinyTime Groups, Baby Massage, NNU visits, volunteer support) this programme also includes:

Aware ‘Mood Matters Parent and Baby’ sessions and ‘Living Life to the Full’ groups which teaches parents:

  • skills and techniques to look after your mental health
  • helps you manage your feelings when you are stressed, worried, depressed or anxious
  • helps you look after you and your baby’s mental wellbeing

**You can sign up now for the next sessions available both by zoom and videos you can watch in your own time**

Living Life to the Full for parents and families of premature babies:

Parent and Baby Mood Matters:

To Register for either of these courses please follow this link:

Parent Support Officer from Parenting NI visiting TinyTime groups to give information and support to parents on a variety of parenting issues, as well as a dedicated free Support Line 0808 8010 722 and special programmes that parents can access.

Visit Parenting NI website for further information and resources

You can visit Aware NI Website to find out more

Please also see our dedicated Positive Minds for Premature Parents Facebook page for information on groups and programmes.


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