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Most of our Volunteering opportunities have been suspended due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.


New Volunteer opportunity!

Volunteer Drivers 

We are looking for Volunteer Car drivers across Northern Ireland to transport medical equipment for mums of premature babies. TinyLife operates a Breast Pump loan service with a fleet of around 120 hospital grade breast pumps that can be loaned to mums of premature and sick babies in neonatal units across Northern Ireland. These pumps give mums the best opportunity to establish a good breast milk supply which is proven as the best nutrition for premature and sick babies. Each pump costs around £1200 which means that offering a loan service makes these pumps accessible for families to use for very little cost at this most vulnerable and difficult time. The initial loan period is 8 weeks, and the practicalities of ensuring the mums who need the pumps can get them at the right time no matter which Neonatal Unit (NNU) their baby is in or where they live is invaluable. Equally, 8 weeks later it can be difficult for families to then arrange the safe return of the pump to one of the NNUs or our TinyLife office base.

See forms below for more in formation and application.

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TL Volunteer Driver Application form 2020

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