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Breast Pump Loan Service

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To meet our Breast Pump Loan Service criteria, baby/babies should be premature – born at less than 37 weeks – or be full-term but have spent time in the NNU (Neo Natal Unit) or SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit).

You should ONLY click the purple ‘Pay for Pump’ button if you MEET OUR CRITERIA AND HAVE completed the Breast Pump Request Form (click Red button and submit details), OR you have already received one of TinyLife’s pumps from the NNU and you completed a form whilst there.

If you would like to request a breast pump loan please complete this form Referral Form and email to

If you would like to make a payment for your deposit and kits please follow this link:  Pay for pump link at the top of this page.


As a new mum, you want to give your little one the best start in life. Research has shown that breast milk can significantly help the development of babies in neonatal units and thereafter. This is a very practical way in which you can contribute to your vulnerable baby’s development and growth in the crucially important early days and weeks of life.

TinyLife’s Breast Pump Loan Service enables you to express your own milk to be fed to your baby – providing breast milk can help you to bond with your baby in these difficult early stages when you may be feeling detached and isolated.

All our breast pumps are hospital grade electric double pumps and you are provided with all the information you need to use the pump and ongoing support from our Breast Pump Loan Administrator when required.

The loan period is normally 8 weeks however, if you require the pump for longer we can arrange a suitable extension period.

There is a small cost to loaning a TinyLife breast pump which includes a fully refundable deposit and contribution towards the cost of your own breast pump kit with bottles that are yours to keep.

We have breast pumps supplied by Ardo and Medela and our Breast Pump Loan Coordinator can give support and advice on using the pump you are loaned.

These links will also take you to further online information about expressing and using your pump:

You can find out more about breastfeeding your premature baby and other services by accessing TinyLife’s Life at Home website

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