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Breast Pump Loan Service

When your baby is born too soon, too small or too sick, this can be an extremely challenging time for you, as a parent. TinyLife are here to support you and hopefully remove some of the stress with our Breast Pump Loan Service.

Providing breast milk for your baby is a very practical way in which you can contribute to their development and growth in the crucially important early days and weeks of life.

Research has shown that breast milk can significantly help the development of babies in neonatal units and thereafter.

TinyLife’s Breast Pump Loan Service enables you to express your own milk to be fed to your baby. All of our breast pumps are hospital grade electric double pumps and you are provided with all the information you need to use the pump. Our Breast Pump Loan Coordinator is there to support you with any queries or concerns you may have.

More information:

The service is available for babies born at less than 37 weeks or babies born full-term but have spent time in the NNU (Neo Natal Unit) or SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit)

The loan period is normally 8 weeks, however, if you require the pump for longer we can arrange a suitable extension period.

How to avail of our breast pump loan service:

For more information email:

There is a £50 charge for the loan of a TinyLife breast pump.

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