The Premature Baby Charity for Northern Ireland

Weddings & Birthdays

Wedding Favours 

Wedding favours are a great to way to promote the charity close to your heart on your special day.

TinyLife can provide pin badges and personalised guest cards too, and we now have an easy to use online system to place orders. Visit:

Birthday & Christening Donations 

Rather than receive lots of gifts that you don’t want why not ask family and friends to make a donation to TinyLife in lieu of Birthday or Christening gifts?

We can provide you with collection tins or buckets, as well as other materials such as gift aid envelopes and pin badges. An easy and hassle free way to give back is by setting up a Facebook birthday fundraiser:

How to set up a Facebook fundraising page:

Click fundraisers in the left menu of your News Feed. You may need to click ‘see more’

Click + Raise Money

Select Nonprofit or Charity

Select TinyLife and fill in the fundraiser details: reason for fundraising/fundraising goal

Click ‘create’

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