The Premature Baby Charity for Northern Ireland

TinyLife Response To First Minister Resignation

Yesterday Northern Ireland First Minister Paul Givan announced his resignation from Stormont’s powersharing Executive.

The following is TinyLife CEO Alsion McNulty’s official response to this news…

”TinyLife are disappointed at the news that the First Minister Paul Givan has resigned and its potential political ramifications. Especially as have worked so hard to get key decisions on issues which help support families of premature babies, in particular the Deferred School Starting Age draft Bill presented at Stormont.  We strongly urge all our politicians to continue to undertake whatever work they can on this key piece of legalisation to help it is go through the Assembly.

The Deferred School starting age is an important Bill and it is  vital that it does not fail.

Alison McNulty says, “This is a huge step back for our families, who today are feeling anxious about the future for their children.  We have invested so much time and energy into working with Government and our families over the last year on the public  consultation and get agreement for an accelerated passage of a Bill going through the Assembly,   to help shape a better start for our families who have a premature baby.”

Alison McNulty

Chief Executive Officer