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TinyLife & Bliss Call to Action – Have your say

TinyLife & Bliss Call to Action – Have your say on the Government consultation on Neonatal Leave & pay entitlements for parents. 

Help shape Neonatal Leave and Pay entitlement for parents 

We are one step closer to parents having more flexibility when their baby or babies are born needing neonatal care. The Government is considering introducing a new Neonatal Leave and Pay entitlement for parents of premature and sick babies. They want this to:

·        Provide one week of statutory leave and pay for every week a baby receives neonatal care.

·        Provide leave and pay to both parents.

They are currently consulting on what these changes, if brought forward, would look like and how it would work in practice – and they need to hear from you


Guide to completing the consultation

Your voice is the most important, and we want to make sure its heard, so we’ve created two guides to help you respond to the consultation:

·        A Quick Guide – designed for if you want to have your say, but want to focus on the most important questions.

·        A Question-by-Question Guide – designed to support you in writing a thorough response.


Topics they want your say to include:

·        Whether Neonatal Leave and Pay should be capped after a certain number of weeks

·        Who should be eligible – currently, only employed parents would receive the entitlement, not self-employed parents or workers

·        Whether parents should have to give notice or provide evidence

In a Bliss survey earlier this year over three quarters of parents told us their parental leave wasn’t long enough –  and 66% of dads and partners had no choice but to go back to work before their baby was home from hospital.

This is our best ever opportunity to make a change.

 By sharing your own experiences and completing the consultation, you will help take us one step closer to Neonatal Leave and Pay becoming a reality.