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TinyLife At Belfast City Marathon 2022: Team Tavern Story

Following in our series of TinyLfe Marathon runner stories this year, we bring you the story of Team Tavern!

Team Tavern who ran the marathon and raised a massive £2442.50 for TinyLife. Pictured below Troy who is so proud of his Mum and her friends.

This is their story…

“We chose to give support to Tiny Life in recognition of the amazing work they do for families like ours. 

On 13th July 2007, our hero Troy entered this world weighing just 1lb 3oz. Now, almost 15 years later and Troy has become the centerpiece of our entire family. Despite the challenges he faces every day, he remains constant with a smile on his face and makes for such a special inspiration for anyone that knows him. 

At the very beginning of Troy’s own tiny life, this charity helped to support our family and helped to make his adventure in this world a little bit easier for all of those around him. That’s why we decided that we wanted to give back. Each given day we are grateful for Troy, inspired by Troy and grow to love him more and more – so we thought that giving back to Tiny Life was the least that we could do to recognise the amazing work they do and the impact that they’ve had on our very own warriors life.”

If you want to support TinyLife this year keep an eye out on our socials or visit the ‘Events’ section of our website!