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Celebrating Success at Clandeboye Primary School: TinyLearners Award Achieved!

Clandeboye Primary School in Bangor has set a remarkable milestone by becoming the first school in North Down & Ards to successfully complete the TinyLife TinyLearners Award. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the school’s staff and their commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment.

Through their unwavering efforts, Clandeboye Primary School has not only enhanced the skills of its exceptional staff but has also strengthened its ties with the broader school community. This collaborative approach aims to provide valuable insights and improve support for pre-term children within the school setting.

The TinyLearners Award, a commendable initiative by TinyLife, recognizes and celebrates schools that go above and beyond in supporting early childhood development. Clandeboye Primary School’s success highlights its commitment to excellence in education and its proactive efforts to create an inclusive and nurturing space for all students.

To learn more about the TinyLearners Award and the impactful work done by TinyLife, you can visit their official website: TinyLife – Support for Schools.

The Department of Education NI acknowledges and commends Clandeboye Primary School for this outstanding accomplishment. This achievement reflects the school’s dedication to providing quality education and creating a positive impact on the lives of its students.

This news article celebrates the success of Clandeboye Primary School in achieving the TinyLearners Award and emphasizes the school’s commitment to excellence in education and community engagement.