Masked Ball at the Baby Grand

Guests enjoy some fun at the Masked Ball

Guests enjoy some fun at the Masked Ball

The ball was being held to honour the life of Reuben and Lynsey's baby son Eli.  He was born too soon along with his twin sister Faith at only 27 weeks on 15 April 2009. Eli weighed less than a bag of sugar at only 15 ounces.  He had to be seperated from Faith just after he was born and transferred to the Neonatal unit at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast for very intensive treatment.   The separation lasted 4 weeks and Eli encountered many hurdles including being re-ventilated, liver failure, numerous bone fractures due to Rickets, two hernias and 15 blood transfusions.

Reuben and Lynsey are extremely proud of their son, they realised his fighting left him so very tired. On Saturday 18 July 2009 at 13 and a half weeks old Eli could fight no more.

Reuben and Lynsey said 'We have been given such an amazing blessing having had Eli as our son.  His legacy is bigger than many a man who lived until old age'.

Thanks to everyone who supported Reuben and Lynsey the ball raised an incredible £13,000 for TinyLife.